April 20,1998:
Well, things are going along just fine. We rented a
CAR today, so we finally have wheels to get around
town and see some of the things that we've been 
unable to get to. The reason for this is that Teri's
mother and sister arrive tomorrow and we're going to
try and 'show them the sights'. We should completely
wear them out as we're going to the ocean, an animal
park, a penguin parade on a nearby island and the
world's largest casino, all in five days!! If we
survive, read the next update.

April 5,1998:
We got jobs!...
We quit our jobs...
After two days(a new record for both of us I believe)
we decided that going door to door selling video
coupon books had only one drawback; people hate being
bothered at home. On the plus side, it was a great
way to see the suburbs of Melbourne (surprisingly,
they're exactly like the suburbs in the U.S.). But
seriously, it was fun for a couple of days and 
we're not that strapped for cash anyway. All in 
all, things are still going great. We get along with
our roommates (Leo the Italian loves to cook, Kate
twirls fire, and Greg is showing us how to cheat the
Australian welfare system!), and things are generously
ACE (Australian for great). Teri's mother and sister
(that's 2 seperate people) are coming down the end
of this month, so we're going to save a lot of the
'touristy' things for when they get here. Apart from
that, nothing much to report. Stay tuned!

March 21,1998:
Well, a couple of weeks have passed, and things are 
still going well. As much as it's half way around 
the world and all, it's actually very similar here
to life in the states. In fact, the only real 
differences are; the accents (our roommate Greg is
taking great pleasure in teaching us the proper
Australian way to say 'no', 'neooh' is the closest
I can come to writing it down), people driving on
the wrong side of the road, and the geographical
fact of being on the other side of the planet! 
Other than that, it's really rather amazing how
'americanized' Melbourne is. The Simpsons is the
big TV show, and pop culture from the states is
everywhere you look. We've stalled a bit on looking
for work, but we'll survive somehow (vegemite's cheap).
Last monday, we went to the Healesville Sanctuary outside
of town and nearly got to touch Kangaroos, Koalas (so 
cute), Tasmanian Devils (not as cute), and actually did
get to pet a Wallabe. I was not as fond of the flying
foxes (big bats) or the snakes. It was still a lot of
fun though, and we took lots of pictures. Anyway, hope
everyone's well, and expect another update in a couple
of weeks.

March 6,1998:
We're here!!! In the last three days, we arrived in
Melbourne, conquered jet-lag, got a great apartment,
and have generally been having a blast. Our new 
address is:    
           136 Park Street
           North Fitzroy, VIC 3068

So far, we're both just pleased as punch with the 
people, the place and how smoothly everything is
going. The only dissapointing part was checking our
e-mail today and finding absolutely nothing after
a week! Bummer. 

The area where we live is really great. It's a bit 
like a cross between the mission district where we
lived in San Francisco and Greenwich Village in New
York. In other words, very bohemian with everyone trying
to out-weird everyone else. Tune in next time to find
out if we've procured employment or have just been 
drunk for the last two weeks. Bye!

February 21,1998:
We've just spent a week in Desert Hot Springs outside of 
Palm Springs in California. We visited Teri's mom, Pat
and also spent some time with her brother in Orange
County. We leave tomorrow for Mulege, Mexico to spend
a week with my parents. Mulege is about 3/4 of the way
down Baja on the gulf side. We went there last year and
it was quite beautiful. By the next update, we will 
(fingers crossed) be in Melbourne, Australia !!!

January 30,1998
We leave in mid-february for Los Angeles, then
off to Mulege, Mexico. Then March 2nd, it's off
to Melbourne (SW of Sydney) for 3 months, Auckland,
New Zealand for 1 month, and then Dunedin, New
Zealand for 2 months !!! Stay tuned for further
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