July 20,1998:
Good lord, I can't believe it's been almost a month
since the last time we updated. And it's not like
the south island has nothing to report about so here
Picton; very cute and nestled in the beautifully
picturesque Marlborough Sounds. We went for a 3
hour walk through some really pretty rainforest.
Nelson; Sunny Nelson as it's called was raining
the entire time we were there. We went to a movie.
Punakaiki; Very nice. All the waterfront is incredible
on this stretch. Cliff fronts and crashing waves.
Franz Josef; Awesome! The FJ Glacier is truly a sight
to behold, and the sucker moves 3-5 feet a day. We 
went hiking on it and this scared the pants off of us.
It was a bit like rock climbing but with ice instead of
rock. Incredibly beautiful but just as frightening.
Queenstown; The tourism capital of New Zealand. Neither
one of us ski, so instead we went 'jetboating'. This was
a real blast. You're basically driven by super-V8-powered
boat at high speeds through a canyon directly at rocks and
occasionally doing an entire 360 deg. turn in a boat-length.
Dunedin; The first real college town we've seen. It just 
had that too cool to care kind of attitude you might find
in Berkeley. Otherwise, it was a nice city. We rode on
horseback (a first for me) to Larnach Castle, a beautiful
century-old building on the Otago peninsula
Christchurch; Where we are now. Supposedly the most english
city outside the UK. We both love it here. It's extremely
liveable as cities go and packed with parks and gardens.
The architecture is really fascinating as well with heaps
of old turn of the century cathedrals and schools.

Well, only a couple of weeks to go and we'll be back in the
states. Hope everyone is well and we'll see you soon.

June 23,1998:
Again, it's been pretty packed since the last update
but I'll try to squeeze it all in. We boarded the
'kiwi experience' bus which seems to actually be the
british senior trip bus but still gets us from place
to place in one piece. First we went to Whitianga, nice
little place but we only stayed one night. Then, Tauranga,
another nice place, one night. Mt. Maunganui was really
nice and had hot salt water baths to relax our worries
(which there are none) away. We stayed there one night.
Then Rotorua, three nights, phew!! We saw a Maori concert
and feasted (called a 'hangi') on meat cooked underground
all day. It was delicious. Then we went to the Whakarewara-
wara thermal park and saw geysers and bubbling mudpools.
Then it was off to Waitomo where we went into the famous
waitomo caves wearing wetsuits and carrying intertubes. The
only light came from the top of our helmets. Then we turned
them off for the main attraction, the GLOWWORMS that live
in the caves. They were spectacular. Like a starry night
underground. After there it was off to Taupo where we
plunged off of a 150 foot cliff. Luckily, the bungy cord
worked and our lives were spared. Then (deep breath), it
was off to the raingitiki river where we white water rafted
grade 5 rapids for 2 1/2 hours! Now we're in Wellington and
should probably fall into a coma for a couple of days before
we head to the 'adventurous' southern island!!!! Overall,
I'd say we're having an ok time.

June 6,1998:
Wow! Just a few things have changed since the last
time. We went to a farm in the middle of nowhere,
boarded a plane, and now we are staying in the 
middle of downtown Auckland, New Zealand. It's been
3 weeks of constant culture shock as we go back and
forth between no civilization and heaps of it. The
farmstay in W-Tree, Victoria was really nice. It
provided a really unique and interesting close to
our Australian trip. We thought we'd been pretty lucky
to see the wildlife that we'd seen up to that point, 
but we saw much more than we expected in Eastern
Victoria. At one point, a kangaroo jumped right up
to us and it's baby popped his head out of the mother's
pouch just for us! These kind of experiences were what
made the farm trip really special for both of us.
But enough about that, both of us have fallen in LOVE
with Auckland, New Zealand. There's something about it
(rolling hills, bay vistas, bustling metropolitan areas)
that seems familiar, but at the same time extremely new
and fun. We're thinking (just thinking for the moment)
of making it a more permanent home. More to come...

May 13,1998:
Welcome to page two. Since the last time anything
was written down, Teri's mother and sister came
to visit and we had a great time. Having a car,
we were able to show them lots of things in a 
short period of time. Day one, we took them to
the Healesville Sanctuary and showed them the cute
little koalas and wallabies. Day two, we went for
a drive down the great ocean road and it was
AWESOME. The scenery changes from moment to moment
and the payoff is seeing the twelve apostles, which
are a bunch of huge ocean worn rocks that are about
400 feet high. The whole drive was comparable to the
Monterey/Big Sur area of California, but much much 
better. Day three we went to Philip Island and saw
the fairy penguin parade in which tiny little penguins
waddle ashore to their nighttime homes. It was all very
cute. Then on day four, Teri wore them out while showing
them the city. And that was it! Since then, we've just
been preparing for our farmstay which comes up in a few
days. Two weeks working on a farm in exchange for room
and board. Not a bad deal! We'll update you after that.

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